Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Casino site online

There are many casino site since the arrival of the internet. Birth site online casino is a great opportunity for fans of gaming easier access to various game rooms online casino site came upset the gaming industry and make it more flexible and everyone before. In addition, many gains and bonuses to be won on any virtual casino platforms.

Promotions and Bonuses

  It is interesting to know that the site online casino allows players to play and win more easily gambling. Indeed, the virtual site offers welcome bonus for anyone who starts the casino games. You should also know that the majority of games on a virtual site gives the opportunity to enjoy various types of bonuses. Thus, whether for a slot machine or roulette or any table game, players are still eligible for bonuses. Promotional offers are also still available on the Online Casino. This is why it is advisable to check the dates pressionnelles regularly on the portal site, so do not miss these opportunities.

Games and software

On the internet, players have the opportunity to enjoy many games including: poker, slots, roulette, bingo. Different gambling sites do their best to offer a multitude of game players so that they are met.

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Why play online casino?

The online casino has come to revolutionize the casino industry. Today, the door rooms gambling are more accessible to players, thanks to the internet. Casinos are no longer restricted to certain people as before. Virtual casino show much advantage is why many people prefer to play.

  What is the reason to play online casino?

Playing at online casinos has an important advantage compared to real casinos number. First, there are an unknown number of all variations of table games and slot machines that await players in casino halls. Prospective players have the opportunity to discover the most popular at least known in the world games.

Then, play online casino is having the opportunity to meet other players to share the passion for casino games. Players also have the opportunity to encounter other online opponents to discuss and share gaming experiences by cat. Playing casino online is a way to improve their skills and game strategies

Another reason to play online casino is to enjoy the redistribution rate significantly higher than those in real casinos. Players also have the chance to get this bonus and promotions they could never have in a conventional casino. That is to say that online casinos have the distinction of reward and reward players for loyalty, their account opening, participation and even bonus incentive. These bonuses give players the ability to play better, generate more profit and be as soon as possible a bankroll.

Moreover, playing online casino can actively take part in several parts whatever time and place. That is to say that the players no longer need to move to participate in actual game play casino. And the most important is the fact that the gambling halls are accessible at any time of the day. Thus, players no longer have to worry about late or make a long thread waiting.

Additionally, some online casino gives players the opportunity to enjoy free games rooms. Thus, players can train for long hours, establish an excellent strategy game, to earn a lot more money.

  The atmosphere and entertainment casino games online

Nowadays, players have more inclination for the online casino and
prefer to play with because they are able to find the atmosphere and animation casinos. Indeed, operators of online games make every effort to offer players all the warmth and comfort they can find in real casino. Online casino therefore offers: superior graphics, stunning sound and excellent color image worthy of the greatest casinos.

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Friday, March 28, 2014

How To Make A FISH of April ?

Why April Fool ?? Obviously because it is a fish, of course, because today is the first of April, but mostly because it is not a recipe. It 's just a very cute and nice to present the fruit. So look carefully at the photo (as I did even when I've seen long ago on facebook) and copy it!!

FISH of April

  • 2 slices of white bread
  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • raspberries
  • beard fennel
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The April Fool's joke in the world

Let's see what are the countries in which it is celebrated on April Fool's joke and what features it assumes.
In Italy, the use of celebrating April Fool's joke, which dates back to the period between 1840 and 1860, was imported from France to reason that intercorrevano of trade relations with the city of Genoa. At first only the tradition took root among the middle and upper classes, then spread among the rest of the population.

It is tradition to hang a paper fish behind the back of the victim or worse still send him in search of impossible objects, causing him to run incessantly as a "fool".
In France, it is believed that results from the substitution of the old pagan ritual related to the arrival of the new year, that the first of January, and is ascribed to King Charles IX, in 1564, adopted the Gregorian calendar.

The joke now more prevalent among French children is to stick behind the back of their friends a sign in the shape of fish .
In the UK the origins of the festival, probably imported from France, are around the eighteenth century. In Scotland, the "April Fool" lasts two days. During the second day, called "Taily Day" ("Day of the buttocks"), the Scots have fun attacking behind the backs of Gawk, the fool, a sign bearing the words "Kick Me" ( Take me to kick ). We can well imagine the hilarity that this day is unleashed in Scotland!

In the United States, the holiday is derived from the English tradition.When the British settled in America perpetuated the use to celebrate April Fool's Day jokes with real, sometimes heavy.

The German tradition traces the origin of this festival year 1530, the year in which the Habsburg decided to reform the monetary system then in force. Much of the population with excitement waiting for the date of April 1 to make their fortune on the shoulders of those who had no knowledge of the reform. But, reform, unfortunately for them, was never implemented and speculators met with nothing but derision.

Today, in Germany, are made ​​jokes of all kinds involving large and small. Even the newspapers are having fun in making fun of readers by publishing news unlikely , of course, denied the next day.

April Fool's Day is celebrated in India, where there is a similar secular holiday called "Huli". On March 31, is used to make fun of acquaintances, giving it their adventures unnecessary .

Custom similar but different date instead in Mexico, where "El Dia de los Innocentes" (the equivalent of our April Fool's joke) falls on December 28 and commemorates the massacre of the innocents by Herod accomplished. The cheerful spirit of the Mexicans that causes them to defuse even the tragedies, esorcizzandole with rice, made sure that this day dramatic turning into a festive occasion.

On this day, all that is allowed to borrow will not return to its rightful owner , and the joke is precisely to convince acquaintances to pay anything. If the inexperienced friend responds to the request, not suspecting the trick, the author of the joke delivers home sweets or a small toy in the memory of the innocent children killed by Herod.
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April Fools 2014: ideas for funny jokes and original

Some delicious ideas for April Fool's 2014: here's how to take a mockery of friends and relatives

It is fast approaching the anniversary that all the jokers in the world waiting anxiously in the coming days will arrive on 1st April 2014 , the day has always been dedicated to jokes . The infamous April Fool reap victims of all kinds: the most ingenious and evil will begin already this week to plan the prank to be devoted to family and friends, and if you do not trust the old and expensive post-it stuck behind the back of the unfortunate colleague, we indicate below what might be some ideas, without trespassing in bad taste, to ridicule the recipients of your Fools in April 2014 .

Jokes April 1, here are some ideas 

For all lovers of tradition you can focus on the classics: swap the jar of salt with the sugar could not just annoy your spouse or your beloved mom, move the clock just a few hours after the change of ' Summer time can lead to confusion and unwanted delays to the unfortunate, cover the car of your boyfriend or your best friend toilet paper can not be entirely pleasant.

April Fools: technological ideas 

But in the age of technology the April fools more comfortable and clever to do are those who are born and are consumed directly in the chat or e-mail: cute and funny joke that you can do it thought the site, which gives the possibility of creating a fake article shock. By simply entering the data of the protagonist of the hoax (or even third parties) you can print the web page, which speaks of the arrest of a mutual acquaintance for drug dealing or relative of a mysterious millionaire lottery winner. For lovers of technological finesse, there is a second alternative: there is a code that allows you to edit website pages (the change will only be visible on your pc of course). The procedure is as follows:
  • point your browser to the site that you want to change; 
  • copy and paste the Javascript code: document.body.contentEditable = 'true'; document.designMode = 'on'; void 0
  • make the change to your liking;
  • make a screenshot of the page and post it on your Facebook profile to friends and relatives.
If the recipient is not too well versed in the language of the web, will be stunned to discover that the team's best player sold or was canceled the concert of your favorite band ...
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April Fool's jokes, sms and some prank ideas to send to your friends

Happy April Fool's joke at all! I found some funny sms to send to your friends to do the April Fool! Here,  find the best jokes that suits you to send to your beloved ones.

If you know someone who made ​​jokes always manages to win it, this is the perfect opportunity to take revenge and even those who have always been the butt of jokes from now will know how to defend themselves: revenge is a dish best served cold !
By tradition, in some countries, April 1 or April Fools' Day is marked by pranks and practical jokes.

Great April Fool Pranks Ideas :- 

1. Where Am I? If your kids are heavy sleepers, put them in a different bed once they are asleep.  Imagine their surprise waking up in the wrong bed the next morning!!
2. A blue cow? Tint your milk jug with food coloring the night before and serve your kid their breakfast with a colorful new addition!
3. EEK! Buy realistic toy flies, spiders, etc and hid them in your kids’ lunches. 
toilet paper your house - pranks for kids
4. What a mess! TP your kids room as they sleep.  Make sure to have the camera ready when they wake up!
 5.  A little bathroom business
Pranks should always be light-hearted and fun. You want your kids to laugh, but you don't want them to feel foolish. This trick will definitely have them smiling. Roll up a two-dollar bill inside a toilet paper roll for them to find when they give it a yank in the morning.

6. OUCH! Stuff a little toilet paper in the ends of their shoes and watch them think their feet grew overnight.
pranks for kids7. Turn your house upside down!  Turn photos, toys, and furniture, anything that works, upside down the night before.

April Fool Day Best SMS:-

This is not SMS, it?s just an April Fool Trick
Place a bottle of liquid dish soap into the toilet tank.
The next person to flush the toilet will be greeted
with an overwhelming amount of bubbles.

A Day Will Come Wen D Whole World Wil Celebrte
Ur Name,
Ur Fame,
Ur Thoughts,
Ur Ideas,
But U Hav 2 Wait For 1 day
Till Ur Birthday ; April 1st

Plz go to creat message
Then type this number & see the magic

31st March Or 1st april
Fool is Fool dosnt matter.
Wishing very happy, prosperous and joyful
Fool Day to the King of Fools?;->

I am your girlfriend:
theek kaha na ?
In short I am your S.I.S.T.E.R. :p
Happy april fools day

Start a rumour that your company is being taken over and loads of staff will be made redundant. Watch the onset of panic.
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The best pranks for April Fools!

Today, April 1 is, as every year, the day dedicated to Best Pranks. In the history of the April 1 remain, such as "legends", some news, some of the most outlandish, they did discuss before and then smile.

Here are some of the April Fool's most hilarious of the story, jokes unique!

Has someone put your stapler in a Jello mold? Are you plotting your revenge right now? Well if you need some inspiration, check out how the biggest websites and companies have attempted to dupe Americans today as we celebrate April Fools’ Day.
In practice, one could define the day today as a test, in which you understand what the limits are in our relationships everyday. Even things that normally might be considered offensive or exaggerated, today they look with a different perspective and, if you will, a way to show those around us how much our relationships can be strong and alive ..!

So, let us feel free to celebrate this day without hesitation.

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